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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Thu Sep 08, 2011 7:02 am

- Do not flame or insult other users, otherwise we will take further action.

- Do not post pornographic material.

- Do not post in ban appeals unless it is your ban appeal or you are an administrator. Even if it is your friend or your family member etc. Do not post in the ban appeal.

- Please do not post "Goodbye" topics. If you're going to quit the server then do so without making it into something big and dramatic.

- Read the suggestions before making a suggestion. Some people are posting suggestions that have been suggested once or several times before.

- Stop posting screen shots of somebody flaming, deathmatching, etc. If you want to report a player then use the in-game /report or just PM an admin.

- If you're having a problem with SA-MP then check out the official SA-MP forums for solutions before posting your topic.

- Do not make a post that consists of only one or two words or just a smiley. "xD" or "lol". This is a forum, and not a chat room so please treat it as such.

- Do not post your IP or personal information in a ban appeal or anywhere at all. This isn't a rule but simply a suggestion to help protect yourself.

- If you break the rules then leave the server that does not mean those offenses are cleared. You will be punished for any rules you break even if you've been gone for a year.

- Before making another topic like "post a picture of yourself" or "post your msn" make sure that a topic like that wasn't already posted.

- Do not bump an old topic unless you are contributing something that's worth bumping. For example, don't welcome someone in "Introduce yourself" after they have been on the forums for at least 2 weeks already, just to gain more posts.

- Do not double post, there is an edit button in existance for a reason.

- Be nice and have fun!

Forum rules sincerely written by Kajgana_CJ, and edited by misha.
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Forum Rules
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