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 Xtream Gaming Guide

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PostSubject: Xtream Gaming Guide   Thu Sep 08, 2011 7:23 am

The original and most popular server in our network is the Xtream Gaming server in San Andreas Multiplayer! The details to join the server are listed below. We have also taken the time to list out commands and information on specific systems on the server.


Name: XtreamGaming V1 | TDM/DM/Stunts/Race


1. Do Not Use Hacks Or You'll be Banned.
2. Report All Sported Bugs.
3. Do NOT flame any other member.HTTP
4. Do not spam any command.
5. Flamming an admin is a bad idea.
6. Asking for admin will reduce your chance to be one.
7. Be sure to check out forums.
8. Enjoy the Server =)


» Neons for every vehicle. (/neon)
» Car controls. (/vcontrol)
» Some great maps. (/teles)
» Car Menu for spawning cars. (/carmenu)
» Car tuner. (/cartune)
» Weapon laser. (/laseron)
» You can buy weapons, made from dialogs (/buyweapons)
» Area51 TDM which includes 2 Teams. military and terrorists. (/area51)
» A great map (/skydrag) This map is made by me its basically a straight highway made in sky and is very long so we can enjoy the real drag racing fun. That place also got a disco/bar and some other few mapped objects.

Admin Commands

Level 1: Basic Moderator

Player: getinfo, weaps, ping, ip,
Vehicle: fix, repair, addnos, tcar
Tele: saveplace, gotoplace
Adm: onduty, saveskin, useskin, dontuseskin, setmytime, adminarea
Other: lconfig, viplist, morning, reports, richlist, miniguns

Level 2: Moderator

+ Level 1 commands.
Player: giveweapon, setcolour, burn, spawn, disarm, highlight, jetpack, flip, fu
Player: warn, slap, (un)mute, laston, lspec, lspecoff
Vehicle: acar, abike, aheli, aboat, aplane, lspecvehicle
Tele: goto, vgoto, lgoto
Adm: lmenu, clearchat, write, announce, announce2, screen, (un)lockcar
Other: wanted, jailed, frozen, muted, fstyles

Level 3: Master Moderator

+ Level 1 and 2 commands.
Set: set(health/armour/cash/score/skin/wanted/name/weather/time/world/interior/ping/gravity)
All: setallskin, armourall, setallskin, setallwanted, setallweather, setalltime, setallworld
All: setallscore, setallcash, giveallcash, giveallweapon, clearallchat, healall, disablechat
Player: ubound, duel, akill, aka, caps,(un)freeze, kick, explode,(un)jail, force, eject, (s)removecash
Vehicle: car, carhealth, carcolour, destroycar, vget, givecar
Tele: teleplayer, gethere, get, move, moveplayer
Other: gps, lcam, setpass, lammo, countdown, aweaps, invisible, visible

Level 4: Administrator

+ Level 1,2 and 3 commands.
All: spawnall, muteall, unmuteall, getall, killall, freezeall, unfreezeall
All: kickall, slapalll, explodeall, disarmall, ejectall
Player: cage, ban, rban, tempban, settemplevel, crash
Adm: ctele, lockserver, enable, disable, spam, god, godcar, botcheck, forbidname, forbidword, fakedeath
Other: uconfig, die, hide, unhide

Level 5: Master Administrator

+ Level 1,2,3 and 4 commands.
+ Level 5 is Immune for all commands
Player: setlevel, fakechat, fakedeath, fakecmd
Adm: god, sgod, console
Other: pickup, object, respawncars
Rcon: lrcon (Only Rcon Admins) (Use: /rcon lrcon)


Type /teles for list of teleports.
Type /carmenu for list of vehicles.
Type /report to report a player.
Type /stats to check your stats.
Type /neon for some neons.
Type /cartune for tunning your car.
Type /buyweapons to buy out some weapons.
Type /animations for list of animations.


STUNTS: /Lvas, /Buildingjump, /Baysidestunts, /Newstunts, /Bounce
DM`S: /Dedm, /islandDM, /Glassmadness, /Area51
RACE: /Skydrag, /Drift1

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Xtream Gaming Guide
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